Who is
Horny's Drums?

Horny's Drums owner, Jake Horn, has been a professional drummer for the past 10 years, performing thousands of gigs internationally with an array of different artists. He is very much a 'drummer's drummer', and understands the service that we expect for our beloved instruments. 

As we all know, the drumming industry isn't the most eco-friendly, and while things are changing for the better, the idea of superbly made drums going to waste is a travesty! 

Horny's Drums aims to take any kit, no matter what shape it is in, and get it back to being a fantastic, reliable, gig-able instrument that will be played and loved for many years to come, either on the road or under mics in a studio. 

Having restored kits from the 1920's to modern day sets, Jake has gained a wealth of knowledge in a relatively short space of time. There is always more to learn, but be assured, your drums are in safe hands, and will receive the time and care they deserve.

Years of 
Customer Service

"My aim is to provide a service to UK drummers that goes beyond the norm. 

You can expect a truly personal experience; from buying your first drum kit, to tracking down a specific vintage snare, to restoring your drums to their very best. 

Get in touch and see what Horny's Drums can do for you."

Jake Horn

Owner - Horny's Drums